What's in a Solar Return Reading?


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A Solar Return is exactly as it sounds:

It is the moment the sun returns to the exact position it was in when you were born. This happens once every year around your birthday and sets the tone for the year ahead! 

Solar Return Reading

Here's what you'll get in this comprehensive look into your birthday year:





Side by side comparison of your Natal Chart & Solar Return

Comprehensive look

at how your Solar Return affects your Natal Chart


Detailed analysis regarding major changes for the coming year

Highlights of strengths, opportunities and 

mental growth

Consecutive review of your previous Solar Return as it transitions to the current Return

It's okay if you haven't gotten your Natal Chart read. You can begin at any point!

Are you ready to get a Solar Return Reading?


Let's talk charts.

What's in a
Natal Chart

Sun. Moon. Rising.

"The Big

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