• Robyn Olsen

Why You Live in Fear

The human condition is a funny thing.

We divide everything we know into categories like...




This division, separation, duality or however you want to frame it, is the reason our lives are so centered around judgment, scarcity and fear. It's truly what keeps us in fear-mode for most of our human existence.

Even further, this duality only exists in human beings. We have this innate ability to compartmentalize in excruciating ways.

The reason? Your ego.

Your ego is what rules judgment, scarcity and fear. It likes to remind you of your worthlessness, powerlessness and lack.

When you are living in fear-mode, you are operating from the ego. And when you choose to operate from the ego, you are living a split life – a compartmentalization of your ego versus your true self.

Your ego will validate your black and white thinking. Your ego will back you up in your need to be right and prove others wrong. Your ego will support your hate and judgment with conviction.

And the longer you spend wrapped up in black and white thinking, the more split you become from your true self.

Your true self is pure love. Your true self is flow. Your true self is harmony.

The problem is that another part of the human condition is passing on emotional "heirlooms" from generation to generation. This means that whatever your parents have been conditioned to believe got passed down to you. And unless you decide to operate differently, you will pass on the same ideals to your children (if you have any).

So the goal, then, becomes more than just learning how to be whole (vs split), but also teaching future generations how to become whole people as well.

It's time to break the cycle. It's time to create new humans who radiate pure love, flow and harmony. It's time to show people that it's possible to be whole.

Duality is a part of each and every one of us. When we begin to embrace all parts, we merge our inner and outer worlds to become unified.

Next time you feel the need to judge or prove someone wrong, ask yourself: Is this truly who I am at my core or am I operating from my ego?

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