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Adopt This One Easy Habit For INSTANT Confidence

Have you ever noticed that when you're feeling schlumpy or discouraged, your body is reflecting your emotions?

🔴 Your shoulders are rolled in

🔴 Your head and neck are aimed down

🔴 You feel unease in the pit of your stomach

🔴 Your face is frowning and your eyes are heavy

🔴 You feel like your life-force energy is being drained

These are all signs that your body and brain are in alignment with each other when you're feeling down. Normally, you want your body and brain to be in alignment. But when you're not feeling great, it's a huge indicator that you are a victim of your own thoughts.

Let me explain...

You think about your circumstances, let's say in terms of failure for example, and your brain translates it into an emotion: discouragement. The more you focus on the thoughts that support discouragement, the more you feel discouraged, the more your body lines up with your brain by hunching your shoulders, feeling uneasy and losing energy.

And then something big happens:

Your brain recognizes you're upset because of your repeated attention to discouragement and it begins releasing cortisol, a stress hormone. This hormone sends your body into survival mode, so now you can actively identify that you are feeling stressed as a direct response to your failures.

Once cortisol is released, it takes a considerable amount of effort to reverse the effects and get your body and brain back to contentment. But what if you could make your brain release a different hormone that makes you feel confident, successful and exhilarated?

Believe it or not, the hormone testosterone is what is responsible for confidence in both men and women. By following the same order of events above, you can lead your brain and body into alignment by focusing on a different emotion.

The best way to do this is to create a power stance.

What is a power stance?

A power stance is a way of positioning your body in ways that make you feel empowered and important.

For example:

🔵 Standing upright and tall, feet spread 1-2 feet apart

🔵 Extending your neck and lifting your head

🔵 Broadening your chest and opening up your heart-center

🔵 Placing your hands on your hips

🔵 Smiling and focusing on your line of sight

Try these positions and play around with how they make you feel. Maybe you don't want your hands on your hips and you'd rather make fists and put them down on a table in front of you. Maybe you want to squat down and rest your arms on your legs. Maybe you have a power face and don't want to smile. Do whatever makes you feel the most empowered.

When you practice your power stance, you may not notice it right away, but you begin thinking thoughts like...

"I feel good"

"I am confident"

"I'm successful"

"I'm in charge"

"I can do this"

...and so much more!

Thinking these empowering thoughts sends the brain the signal to create an emotion: confidence. Repeated attention to your positive thoughts and feeling confident tells your brain to release testosterone to reinforce how you feel.

This kind of positive feedback loop repeated over time turns confidence and empowerment into more than just a temporary emotion. It becomes a state of being.

And who doesn't want that?

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