Charting 101

Start reading charts as soon as TODAY! 

Charting 101 is a how-to guide for those who are just starting out on their journey. Step by step, I give you tools, tips and tricks that take the stigma and stress away from learning astrology. 

It is my mission to be able to impart my knowledge unto others at an affordable price because, let’s face it...

Millennials can’t afford things.


This is why I am offering Charting 101 for only $14!

This is what you'll get:

• A look at your astrological “DNA”
• Color coded symbols
• Comprehensive sign and rulership list & chart
• Learn the modalities and elements
• Aspects. Aspects. Aspects.

• Printable worksheet to practice reading 
• Not one, but TWO celebrity charts (plus my analysis)

I am very proud of this guide and I am even more proud that I can offer it at a price that even a Millennial can afford.


Happy charting!

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